Friday, October 19, 2007

Minute Tech 008: What is a dinosaur?

What is a dinosaur? Is it a terrible lizard, or someone still using a casette-based Sony Walkman?

The original use of the name for terrible lizard probably refers to the idea that humans couldn't bear to think about co-existing with such animals on today's Earth. Of course, those people haven't seen Dinotopia, have they? :-)

The topics for episode 8 are:

- Apple’s iWork ’08 is out and being used;
- What is a dinosaur?
- Give a kid a microphone, & historic Williamsburg, Va.

The podcast was delayed a day due to a family trip to Williamsburg, Va, a town where even the buildings are essentially re-enacters. Many of the houses may be original, but the larger buildings are all re-built versions of those that were susceptible to fireplace-derived structure fires. There's one good thing to be said for modern gas furnaces...and eventually, solar or fuelcell home power & heat.

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