Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Thoughts on Improvement

How to move up, how to move forward, how to organize, how to prepare?

These are all questions streaming through at an unbelievable clip.

Three primary things to work on here: my life, my podcast & blog, my learning. By discussing this process with myself, perhaps you'll glean something for yourself. :-)

I seek to organize the information that I've created, the information I see on a daily basis, the information I need to move forward and the information I'll be picking up on tomorrow. I'm thinking of various ways to do this: via a spreadsheet, via a database, via a wiki, or simply on this blog. The solution needs to be in part open, so that you can see the process I'm working on, and in part closed so that private info can remain private.

A key part of this need & movement to organize is discussing my premise for the Minute Tech podcast. I believe that all things impact our lives: temperature, humidity, negative or positive attitude, the carbs, fats and minerals we take in for sustenance or perceived pleasure, the presence of our solar system in the galaxy, the ability to reach out and learn every day, everything. Because of this, I believe that all that we interact with, all that aids us in interacting with our environment much like the construction and design of the hardware and software that the rover Opportunity uses to explore the Martian environment, can be considered technology.

There are those who agree on this issue and others who disagree that technology can have such a broad definition. How do you define technology?

Organizing (or the attempt, at any rate) is in itself the use of technology to get from point A to point B - from a point of less organization to a point of greater organization.

I will be starting with a new employer later this month. The role which I presently perceive that I'll be fulfilling will require much learning in a relatively short amount of time. How I manage this learning of both techniques and realms of information organization may well consume me (a portion of me) and take me in totally new directions of learning and development.

Or, I could sit on a couch and wait for oblivion to take hold. Uh, right.

How do you manage the incredible diversity of information thrown at you on a daily basis? Do you manage by, well, managing by natural ability? Or have you devised a method for handling the informational fire-hose?

Tomorrow morning I must push out the final needle-craft interview with Carol Burrows. After that, I will seek new topics for my weekly sets of Minute Tech discussions.