Monday, December 24, 2007

December 8th, 2007 - The Cycle Continues

December 8th of this year was the day my mother died. A strong woman, a strong human, until her end. Her strength lives on within us. Her spirit lives on within us.

An end, of course, is also a beginning. Those of us who survive her in the family are reminded of the cyclicality of life on this geothermal speck of dust in the Milky Way galaxy. We're born, we live, we have families, we die, our families hopefully live to continue their own cycles.

This, of course, describes the cycles enjoyed by all living being on this planet, so what makes us so special? Why, that we can blog about it! :-)

The Minute Tech podcast, episode 57, will be a Monday/Tuesday podcast, focusing on the moon and other celestial events. On Sunday I mentioned the Winter Solstice, which occurred at 1:08 am, December 22nd. This whole holiday season revolves, as it were, around the solstice. How does this winter event impact your life? That's probably like asking a skeptic how the Moon affects his or her life...but in reality, all major and minor human cultures celebrate the I'm sure it impacts it in some way.

Let me know if it doesn't! :-)

ciao, bella.