Saturday, February 9, 2008

Blogging - You Either Are or You're Not

After a bit of blogging and podcasting hiatus, I read these two uber-perceptive statements by, or through, Jeremiah Owyang:

1st, Jeremiah links to Seth Godin's blog post in which Seth says that blogging is fun, and done, because it's something he "gets" to do, rather than has to do. This is a hugely important statement and realization.

2nd, in Jeremiah's blog post about CEO blogging, he states that the only exit strategy from blogging is simply to stop. To stop means perhaps, like the podfade, that the lack of interest, time or impetus, or some blend of the three, has impeded the act of communicating through blogging. In any case, this is disheartening to any readers you've picked up...and presents a loss to the world of another stream of an author's consciousness transcribed.

I twittered this morning for the first time in days...well, for the first time in over a week. Why the stop? Who cares? The point is to pick up again and continue.

Frodo didn't carry the ring because he had to. He carried the ring because he could. And, he cared.