Monday, January 7, 2008

Moving Forward!

Episodes 47 through 50 of the Minute Tech podcast dealt with mourning, due to the fact that my mother, the mother of 7 and the grandmother of 18, had died on December 8th. This past weekend my family laid her to rest beside her husband, Charles W. Landefeld, in a cemetary in Cleveland, Ohio. This burial activity allowed me to put into action some of the things I talked to you about in those 4 podcasts.

In some of the family's eulogies, I learned more about my mother than I learned from her. Often this is the case, that you learn more from others about someone close to you than you do from the person him or herself.

Most importantly I learned that my mother had brought up her kids in a spirit in which she'd been brought up: to continually learn, to seek to do the right thing for everyone, to be open to the world of ideas, thoughts and beliefs that our fellow humans hold close to their hearts and wear on their sleeves and to be assured that those who traditionally had been led to believe that they had a set role in life...were always in a position to set their own course.

Are you in a position in which you feel the path has been laid out for you? Do you not feel that you can guide your own ship through the waters of time? Please consider waking up to the idea that there are only certain parameters that are set in stone: the universe appears to be continually expanding, we each are governed by the force of gravity while on a planetary body, and we each must convert matter to energy and waste to survive within our environment.

No other parameters hold you down.

Now, what can you do? What should you do? What will you do?