Thursday, December 20, 2007

10,000 Steps to a Better You

Okay, so the creative juices didn't fully jell this morning...but we're a heckuva a ways along. The show transcript for Show # 55 can be found here. The elipses show the gaps in the transcript...and without a full transcript, I won't record, cause I tend to do too much umming and ahhing through out. I can really well read my writing...and it's sounding more and more natural...I think.

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But 10,000 steps? What does that mean?

When you do a daily podcast, what is your goal for number of shows, or is it foolish to even have one? I think the latter....but kind of like saying "shoot for the moon", starting a journey of 10,000 steps is better than saying "oh, well, you know, I guess I'll do it for awhile. If you need to (and I need to) build constraints and constructive edifices into your life and see how quickly things build up. :-)

So, show 55 will be out either tonight or tomorrow. :-) Thanks for listening!