Thursday, January 3, 2008

Tech Marches On!

Is Apple priming for a leap from sub-orbital to orbital?
Is Oil building to $150/bbl?
Will anyone build a sporty two-seat convertible that's economical and fun to drive?
Will the OLPC supplant the PC industry?
Are all cellphones destined to have visual voicemail?
Will iTunes and AppleTV wrest control of the one-eyed babysitter from the networks?
Will I enjoy working in a small web 2.0 company?
Are we going to see sensible presidential politics this year?
Will religion rise in popularity as uncertainty and volatility rise?
Who is the next Microsoft, Google, Apple, Nokia, Toyota, Sony or Facebook? Will you recognize it when you see it?
Where are the job opportunities?
Where are the housing opportunities?
Where are the fine and perfomance art opportunities?
Should you begin thinking about longevity, or continue hedonistically?
Should you learn continuously?
Should you write your will?

All these questions, and more, are the thoughts at the outset of a new year. Think about them. Write to me at about your answers - I'll include them in an upcoming show.

Note: MinuteTech will be off the digital airwaves for a few days due to family events. I may squeeze one off, but don't expect one until Mon., Jan 7th.

Happy New Year...and start questioning the future!


Minute Tech 061: What is Knitting?

- Axiotron Releases the Modbook Tablet Mac;
- Minute Tech guest Carol Burrows on "What is Knitting?"
- and, My Single New Year's Resolution.

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"Move with the motion of the planet - move with Taiji"