Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pghbloggers Blogfest 13 - Blog it, 'Cast it!

Hey, folks. Did the PghBlogggers Blogfest 13 at Finnegan's Wake in Pittsburgh's Northside this past Friday evening. A wet, slushy, sleety, blowy evening in Pittsburgh did nothing to dampen the spirits of the various bloggers and podcasters who showed up. A few of the cast:

Susan Courtad, of the One-Woman Show blog;
Dawn Papuga of Lyrique Tragedy Reviews;
Jim & Amy Shireman - Jim does Sportocracy podcast on Talkshoe;
Elwin Green of the Post-Gazette;
Karamagi Rujumba of the Post-Gazette;
Dayvoe of Two Political Junkies;
Bob from Masters of Gilligan;
Father Spoon;
Norm Heulsman of the new Strom Huelsman podcast;
Sickpuppy and Father Spoon of the Should I Drink That brewcast;
Cynthia and Brother Anthony Closkey of Big Big Design;
Mike Woycheck of Have a Good Sandwich blog;
...and many others.

Why weren't you there? Oh, yeah, the snow. :-)
check out for future events...and start blogging!