Monday, October 15, 2007

Chris asks about podcast workflow

Chris Brogan asked recently if podcasters could point him toward their workflow. Chris, here's mine.

When first working up my podcast, I was thinking that a workflow would be a good thing to have. Being a typical geek (I think!) I usually just dive right in...but knowing myself as well as I do, I though that this time I'd surprise myself with a wee bit o' planning.

Although I don't follow this daily, I have it open as one of two TextEdit windows when prepping and recording the podcast - the other TextEdit window contains the outline or partial script that I'm using.


1) get outline from show listing - a file in which I've identified possible future topics - copy show title & 3 subject headings:

- tech item
- tech question & answer
- podcasting news

2) fill out outline with current news and short paragraphs of script: I can write well, but extemporaneous speaking well is another issue;

3) post transcript to; reference on MinuteTech and iWeb pages;

4) record show via iMovie/iSight USB camera, copy to Garageband:

(a) open previous show's GarageBand file;
(b) remove previous audio recording and save as new filename "Minute Tech 00#";
-- this is necessary as later export to iTunes will label the audio file with GarageBand filename.
(c) record show via iMovie and copy to GarageBand;
(d) edit audio, removing or muting ums, ahs, extraneous noises. :-)
(e) make sure associate image(s) files are inserted in picture track
(f) save GarageBand file
(g) export to iTunes - export to iTunes converts to .m4a (AAC) format - will convert to .mp3 from iTunes.
(e) when export complete, go to iTunes and create .mp3 copy

5) While exporting, open iWeb:

(a) create episode page
(b) insert .m4a and .mp3 files to episode page
(c) save iWeb and Publish to .Mac account

6) Post to Minute Tech Blogspot page:

(a) Create new "Minute Tech 00#" post
-- outline of show
-- links to sites if possible/relevant
(b) save post and copy "a href"link to iWeb from previous post
(c) re-open post, paste in html, and publish post

7) update Blogspot sidebar:

(a) get newly generated iWeb page address through RSS feed
(b) edit Blogspot sidebar to include direct link to .mp3 file
(c) work in progress: troubleshoot flash mp3 player.

8) advertise publication, manage analysis:

(a) I haven't planned this yet, though will publish to iTunes when I've done 10-15 episodes, having pushed myself beyond that 1st invisible podcasting "fade" barrier [Note: posted to iTunes after 15th episode as "Minute Tech"]
(b) have applied Google analytics to:
(c) trying to figure out how to apply Google Analytics to iWeb - learning more about iWeb structure, editing capabilities.


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Chris Brogan said...

Very nice. Thanks for sharing this. I got a few different answers, and found it all interesting. : )