Sunday, October 14, 2007

Minute Tech 004: What is a document?

Only 4 episodes in, and a weekend occurs. What to do? Is this daily or every day? I'll take a cue from the Wall Street Journal, a daily paper with a Saturday, or weekend, edition, and USAToday, which has a Saturday/Sunday edition: Episode 4 will be the Saturday/Sunday edition of Minute Tech. In the cast itself, I got the dates wrong. Sat/sun are 10/13 & 10/14...but I said "October 12th & 13th". Hmmm.

Also, Christopher Penn, of the Financial Aid Podcast & Marketing Over Coffee, suggested "Feedplayer" as a flashbased mp3 player for this blog site. I tried it, as you can see to the left...but for some reason the mp3's are not feeding through from Apple's iWeb. I'll continue troubleshooting this. Other podcast sites have similar feeds...

Here're brief notes from the show:

Tech item - we discuss the uses of Youtube: watching vids of Lego figurines, Bungie's Halo 3, and Wu Style Tai Chi.
As in any other social site, you're going to have people flaming one another. Martial arts stylists are legend for this behavior...and the comment sections of YouTube are not spared. :-)

Tech question: What constitutes a document? writings on paper, bamboo, clay, stone....or vi. ;-)

Podcasting: podcasts can be aimless, or highly directional - in this way, they are similar to the media forms that preceed them: newspapers, magazines & television.

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