Thursday, December 13, 2007

Developing the Conversation, Internally

Whether you realize it or no, blogging and audio/video podcasting is about developing a conversation, both with yourself and with your community. First you have to converse with yourself.

If you're not comfortable conversing with yourself, you many not exhibit comfort conversing with others. So one must strike up a conversation with oneself. To do that, find out what you like to do for personal development...and then put that into the public eye. If for instance you like studying Tai Chi, learn to do it with others. If you like podcasting, learn to push yourself in production...and then reach out to others. This idea of reaching out to others may sound counter-intuitive if we're talking about self-conversation...but to really learn, you have to put yourself into more challenging situations...and you may not be able to challenge yourself in ways that are sufficient for growth. By interacting with others, you are faced with external challenges which will help you learn how to deal with your own internal questions.

Once you find yourself being challenged by your own activities, you can begin to reach out to help others and/or work with others toward common goals.

This podcast is the beginning of my self-conversation. I'm pushing myself to produce on a constant basis, and putting the result of that production into the public eye so that I can learn from comments, criticism and the internal fire that comes with continual production.

As I produce, I see ways that I can grow more rapidly. Is this true for you in your situation?

I saw this with video blogging, which is why I began interviewing people. Have you seen those interviews? Please check them out here.


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