Saturday, December 1, 2007

Minor Changes to Recording Minute Tech podcast

The minor change to recording the Minute Tech podcast is the use of my iSight webcam to record the show, extract the audio track from iMovie and paste into GarageBand. I knew that this capability existed, but hadn't tried it yet...this worked exceptionally well this morning. Only downside perhaps is greater susceptibility to ambient noise...but far less mouth noise and moving-the-mic-wires noises.

Oh, and also...GarageBand seemed unwilling to export the episode picture for the AAC file, with the inclusion of the iMovie audio import...I have no idea why... :-(

This change, in addition to improving the audio quality of the podcast (you can let me know if you agree), this change will put off the additional expense of purchasing a standard microphone setup...which makes the budgeting department here at home far happier...more important to budget for heating the house this winter than for podcasting equipment. Of course, the budgeting department just sprang for a second Drobo as a home NAS drive...but, well, there you go. ;-)


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